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Millbrook 2019
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May 30 2019

Did you learn something?

With regards to your article about DCPC being overhauled [routeone/Driver CPC/1 May], I have been directly involved in both the coach and truck industry for over 25 years with the majority of it in the PCV sector.

I set up my own DCPC company two years ago to go about setting the record straight with DCPC and the lack of relevant training.

I always ask for feedback from the delegates attending my courses before I start the course and most find it a waste of time. I reply with: “If at the end of the course you have not learnt something then I will agree with you”.

At the end of the course I repeat the question and have a discussion about improvements to the current system. The overriding majority of them agree with my opinion that we should still keep the 35 hours of training however they would be far better being reduced from seven-hour modules to five hours and then 3.5-hour modules, this way they do not lose a whole day.

If they are not going to change to five-hour modules, then one of the courses should be first aid related. The guiding rules should be changed to make it a legal responsibility to cover five to seven different courses within the five-year period, with the exception of first aid courses (as these have a three-year validity). The current legislation on 3.5-hour modules where you have to complete the two courses to make seven hours within a 24-hour period needs to be scrapped. If companies especially the PCV industry wish to do 3.5-hour modules (so in theory complete 10 courses) then they should be allowed to do this over the five years to fit with company business.

As part of my business I assist the companies and work with them to manage their DCPC training by running a spreadsheet covering the courses I offer so that at a glance I can see what courses each driver has done over the selected period, this helps reduce the workload of the operator leaving them free to manage their business which is what they want and should be left to do.

  • Marc Skinner, North West Training Solutions

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