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Transport Benevolent Fund - 2019
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June 12 2019

Friday-only service: The
‘economics don’t stack up’

I was amazed to read the court report regarding the granting of a restricted O-Licence by TC Simon Evans based on the applicant undertaking only to operate on Fridays [routeone/Court Report/5 June].

Given that the applicant is expected to earn £125 per Friday, which equates to £6,500 per annum, of which £3,700 would be spent on insurance, it does not take an accountant to work out that the economics of such an operation do not stack up.

Fuel of £10 a week is less than two gallons; maintenance being carried out by the applicant saves cost but not of parts, tyres, MoT test, road fund licence, O-Licence, depreciation etc.

To make any profit from this operation, the vehicle would have to be operated for more than one day a week.

Presumably in granting the licence the TC has put in place a system for monitoring the undertaking given by the applicant. 

  • Dewi W Roberts CMILT

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