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August 15 2018

Sponsored Content – The big debate:
Vehicle pits vs mobile column lifts

For many years in vehicle workshops across the land, a battle has been fought between advocates of traditional vehicle pits and those who favour the flexibility of lifts.

Of course, in some cases, there can only be one winner. In VoSA registered workshops a pit is compulsory to comply with inspection regulations but in workplaces where maintenance and repair are the primary activity the argument is not so straightforward.

Mobile column lifts have been around for a long time now, but there are still some who feel more comfortable working beneath a vehicle supported by solid ground. What they may not realise is there are far more health and safety risks associated with pits than lifts.

When not in use, people can fall into them and whilst health and safety regulations require them to be cordoned off, this takes valuable time and isn’t always completely effective.

Once inside the pit, engineers are also exposed to other risks.

Fire and fumes are particularly dangerous and it can be difficult to escape in an emergency. Equally, it can be harder to rescue someone using the pit should they be involved in an accident or be taken ill.

Conversely, mobile column lifts enable work to be carried out in an open environment, with easy access from all sides. The lifts can be moved aside when not in use and the latest cable-free models further reduce the risk of trips and falls.

Health and safety advantages

There are always inherent risks when working under a vehicle weighing many tons.  But when operated correctly, in line with the manufacturer’s instructions and health and safety guidelines, lifts offer significant advantages.

Vehicle height can be adjusted to suit the operative(s) working on it. 

Furthermore, ancillary equipment, such as transmission jacks or axle support stands can simply be rolled or lifted into the correct position below the vehicle.  However, for many the most important factor is cost.

Cost effective installation

The cost of installing a pit can run into tens of thousands of pounds and it can cause weeks of disruption to workshop operations. The costs in terms of reduced productivity can add significantly to an already substantial bill and additional cost will be incurred if the workshop ever needs to be reinstated to its previous state.

By comparison, a set of column lifts takes less than a day to install and, if regularly serviced and well maintained, will retain much of its value for many years. In most cases, the initial purchase costs will also be well below that of a pit installation.

And the winner is…

When all the evidence is weighed up, a clear winner does emerge. By choosing a set of mobile column lifts over a pit, operators can enjoy greater flexibility, improved health and safety, more efficient workshop operations and better value for money.

These are just some of the reasons why TotalKare has introduced more than 6,000 sets into the UK over the past 35 years.  So really the message is simple, if you don’t need to invest in a pit, don’t! Simply invest in a set of quality mobile column lifts instead.

Call TotalKare today on 0121 585 2724, e-mail for more information.

if you were a lift manufacturer of course this is what you would say.but for speed and less technical applications a pit wins hands down if already installed, the case is somewhat swayed if its not your owned premises of course and to install a pit is approx. 40k!! but we mix and match as one size does not fit all.BC
brian currie

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