Yutong battery electric passes 100,000 mark


In December 2019, Chinese coach and bus manufacturer Yutong delivered its 100,000th battery electric vehicle.

In that month alone it delivered 3,732 such coaches and buses. Its all-time total now stands at 101,817 delivered EVs and it has supplied them to many nations around the world.

Among those are the UK, where its agent Pelican Bus and Coach has delivered a small number of the TCe12 coach model – the first battery-electric coach to come here. It also has orders for the E10 and E12 (pictured) single-decker buses and promises a battery electric double decker.

β€œTo put that volume into context, there were more Yutong electric vehicles delivered globally in December than the total UK coach and bus market over 8,000kg GVW for the whole of the year,” says Ian Downie, Head of Yutong Bus UK.