Drivers COVID-19

Will older drivers want to return post-COVID-19?

Getting back to some semblance of normality is the industry’s holy grail of the moment. More passengers equals more vehicles in use equals more...
Social distancing

Social distancing: The elephant in the room

There is an elephant in the room that is going to affect every coach and bus operator in the land: Social distancing. Numerous calculations have...
School contract payments

School contract payments need to be maintained at 100%

Ongoing payments by local authorities (LAs) for home-to-school contract work should be one of the few reliable sources of income for operators under current...
Hydrogen fuel cell

Hydrogen fuel cell in coach and bus: Is its time here?

Perhaps just one conclusion can be drawn from developments in the past fortnight that does not concern coronavirus COVID-19. It is that hydrogen fuel...
coach leisure support

Approach to coach leisure support must change

Governments’ messages surrounding support for the coach and bus industry have been mixed since the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic broke. Some, such as the COVID-19...

Don’t fall into the short-term thinking trap

For many operators, it’s difficult to see more than a few days ahead. Some wonder whether they will still have a business then. Understandably...
Bus staff

Don’t forget the most valuable resource of all: Staff

Crisis season continues. Many staff now sit at home as their employers make use of the government’s furlough scheme. Others remain at work, albeit...
Coach and bus coronavirus

Coronavirus action for coach and bus industry not enough

Steps taken by the government thus far to assist the coach and bus industry in mitigating the effects of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic are...

COVID-19 support essential to avoid industry disaster

The realities of coronavirus – which only over the past week have become entirely apparent – are stark. The scale of the change in...
routeone Awards

Who do you want to win?

As this year’s routeone Awards nominations open excitement is building for the industy’s biggest celebration of excellence. Who do you think is the best coach,...
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Latest article

Bakers Dolphin

Bakers Dolphin takes first step towards new premises

Somerset operator Bakers Dolphin has taken the first step in a major investment in its future by removing coaches from its Locking Road parking...
First Bus capacity

First Bus introduces real-time capacity tracking via app

First Bus has updated its app to allow customers to see the available capacity of their bus in real time before it arrives at...
Leyland Tiger

Museum offers heritage Leyland Tiger free for preservation

Transport Museum Wythall is offering a long-term stored Leyland Tiger PS1 single decker to a new owner free of charge. It comes with the...