DVSA clarifies reissued Driver Qualification Card date error

DVSA has clarified an error with the Driver Qualification Card (DQC) expiry date on some cards that have been reissued to Driver CPC holders who received a seven-month extension to the validity of their existing DQC.

The Agency recently announced that new DQCs would be issued to those drivers where the extension is still in force to reflect the change of date by which 35 hours’ training must be completed. However, it has come to light that some of those reissued cards erroneously display the original date of expiry, and not the one that takes account of the extension.

A DVSA spokesperson has confirmed that in these instances, a further DQC with the correct expiry date will be dispatched. It is expected that the first of those should arrive very soon, if they have not done so already.

The spokesperson adds that if drivers who have benefitted from a seven-month extension that is still current are stopped and asked to produce their DQC before a reissued card displaying the correct expiry date reaches them, they should show their existing card with the expired date on it.

The extension to DQC expiry dates was introduced in June 2020. It applies to cards that were due to expire between 1 February-31 August 2020.