Further Yutong battery-electrics join Go North East

Go North East Yutong E12 fleet

Go North East (GNE) has introduced nine Yutong E12 battery-electric buses for use on route Q3 between Great Park and Wallsend via Newcastle-upon-Tyne city centre. They are the fruits of a £2m investment with top-up support from the government’s Ultra Low Emission Bus Scheme, and have been supplied by Pelican Bus and Coach.

The Quaycity-branded E12s follow nine earlier E10s that were delivered in 2020. The new buses can carry a maximum of 70 passengers, and they come with CCTV fitted at the factory and a 360o bird’s eye view of the bus displayed on a screen in the cab. They also include the OEM’s own seats along with the Yutong Electrical Safety System, which has debuted in the UK since the earlier E10s were delivered.

Go North East Yutong E12 seat back charging

All 18 of the Yutong fleet will be charged at the Go North East Gateshead Riverside depot.

The new examples come with wi-fi along with wireless and USB charging as part of Alfatronix seat-back mobile phone holders (pictured, right).

They also continue the Voltra branding introduced on the earlier Yutongs.

Speaking at the launch of the new buses, GNE Managing Director Nigel Featham – who recently took over responsibility for the business following the departure of Martijn Gilbert – says: “Our Voltra buses run on electricity sourced with green credentials, but Voltra is far more than just an electric bus fleet.

“We have looked at every detail, working with Pelican, Yutong and other suppliers to maximise the use of technology and innovation. We are providing high standards in bus travel including customer comfort, information and ticketing.”