New Temsa HD12 added to Prentice Westwood fleet

Temsa HD12 for Prentice Westwood

Prentice Westwood of West Calder has added a Temsa HD12 to its fleet. The new coach is 12.2m long and it carries a metallic blue livery, having been repainted into that colour after arrival in the UK.

A cherished registration mark has been applied, but the coach would otherwise be a 22-plate. It has 53 seats and a centre sunken toilet.

Power comes from the customary DAF MX-11 engine rated at 408bhp and developing 2,100Nm of torque, which is transmitted to the tarmac by ZF’s EcoLife fully automatic gearbox.

The HD12 was one of a number of entries from Scottish operators at the 2022 UK Coach Rally in Blackpool. It returned north having claimed the best Temsa trophy for Prentice Westwood.