Prentice of Haddington adds two ADL Enviro200s

One of Prentice of Haddington's ADL Enviro200s

Prentice of Haddington has taken delivery of two 10.8m Alexander Dennis Enviro200s. They each have 41 seats with belts and they have been specified with wi-fi and USB charging points.

The buses are the first of the current model Enviro200 to be added to the Prentice fleet, where they join 10 earlier generation Enviro200s. They will operate through the East Lothian Air Quality Management Area, which is why the operator has opted for SmartPack technology.

SmartPack combines engine stop/start functionality with electrically driven radiator fans and engagement of the alternator and air compressor only when the vehicle is decelerating. That means no load is placed on the engine by those functions, improving fuel efficiency. The SmartPack-equipped Enviro200 is thus certified as a Low Emission Bus.

“We have been a customer of Alexander Dennis and its predecessors for over twenty years,” says Prentice of Haddington Managing Director Ross Prentice. “Throughout that time, the support provided has been second to none. We look forward to a continuing relationship for many years to come.”