Expired Driver CPC exemption from DVSA


Staff whose Driver CPC (DCPC) card expires between 1 March-30 September can continue driving PSVs without first needing to complete 35 hours of periodic training after a temporary exemption was announced by DVSA.

The temporary Driver CPC exemption has been issued in response to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. It follows a suspension of classroom DCPC training by DVSA, although it can still be carried out remotely.

DVSA will not enforce the requirement for a driver to hold a DCPC card if theirs has expired during the period in question, but its officers may check to see whether a driver has recently held a DCPC card. DVSA advises that those drivers should continue to carry expired cards.

Police forces have been informed of the above position.

Drivers who the temporary measure applies to will be required to comply with DCPC rules from 1 October, but the end date will be kept under review, DVSA says. It adds: “The proposed schedule includes a substantial period to recover missed training.”

The agency states that drivers undertaking international journeys should hold a valid DCPC card as the exemption applies only in Great Britain. It also advises that operators should check insurance validity for drivers making use of the temporary exemption.

The agency adds that it is “considering options” for drivers who have never held a DCPC card but who wish to start driving professionally, or those whose DCPC card expired before 1 March.