PCV driving test changes set to be introduced on 15 November

Changes to PCV driving test structure from 15 November

Changes to the PCV driving test structure and provisional vocational licences that are intended to increase the number of vocational appointments that DVSA examiners can carry out will be introduced on 15 November, subject to Parliamentary approval.

Principle among the revised approach is to transfer responsibility for assessing the off-road exercises involving reversing and (where applicable) trailer uncoupling and recoupling to the training company. That work must be undertaken before a DVSA examiner conducts the on-road test. However, the person who has trained the candidate will not be permitted to assess the off-road manoeuvres. It must be done by a different trainer.

The Agency previously confirmed that where a PCV driving test is carried out by a delegated examiner employed by the operator, there will be no change to processes. That individual will conduct the test in its entirety, as is currently the case.

A further alteration from 15 November will allow lessons to be undertaken in a vehicle that falls into category D+E, and a test to be undertaken in that category, without first obtaining category D entitlement.

However, provisional D+E entitlement will only be added to a first vocational driving licence when the application is processed by DVLA from 15 November. When the application is administered before that date and thus has provisional entitlement only for category D, DVSA advises that provisional D+E entitlement can be added from 15 November by applying to DVLA for the licence to be upgraded.

The same changes to processes will apply to category D1 and D1+E entitlement for minibuses from the same date.