CPT Coach Strategy: Data sharing is data caring

Data is king. If you don’t do data, you’re not making best use of what is at hand to promote your business.

Whether it’s targeting special offers, discounts or upselling opportunities, the scope of data is limitless. And if you run coaches, you can also use it for the greater good.

The Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT) Coach Strategy is within its final stages of production. It exists in draft form already.

But CPT is not the only trade body seeking assistance for members. Nor is the coach industry alone in believing it has a strong argument to make. Competition exists. Government resources are finite.

To give the CPT Coach Strategy the best chance of generating buy-in from politicians, it is important that CPT has data that supports the points and promises that it will make. While it can generate some of that itself, day-to-day input can come from only one place. The sharp end.

CPT does not want to harvest your innermost secrets. Nor does it want you to share commercially sensitive items. What it needs is simple, accurate and relevant data on what the industry does and how, from management and tachograph analysis software.

What is the benefit to you of pitching in? In the short term, not much. But the Coach Strategy aims to secure a fair deal for the industry. Its scope includes image, driver recruitment and retention, access to pick-up and drop-off points and how coaches will become greener.

It’s a one-shot deal. For the CPT Coach Strategy to deliver, it must be approached correctly. If you’re a coach operator, you can do your bit.