General Election promises: Hold Boris to them

The General Election is over. But the fallout will influence the coach and bus industry for a long time, and in ways that cannot yet be predicted.

A no deal Brexit, and all that it would bring, is on the periphery. How that would affect the sector is worrying. A major impact would certainly be felt. Leaving the EU with a deal would also leave a sour taste for some, albeit probably not with the same deleterious consequences of no deal.

Brexit notwithstanding, at least a degree of certainty has been established for other factors that affect the industry. The pound has strengthened. If you’re in the market for new vehicles, that’s important.

A further benefit of the new political landscape captures environmental commitments. The Conservatives are true to their name in their quest to achieve carbon neutrality. Their timeframe for that will allow a pragmatic approach.

The Conservatives made buses prominent after the sector’s time in the political wilderness, albeit that not all of what was said is to the taste of the wider industry.

But General Election promises of money will generally be welcomed, despite the political meddling that could bring. The PM’s new-found popularity in the north of England may see investment there. That should benefit the ‘left behind’ towns where bus patronage has collapsed.

Boris Johnson’s government will be held to account for promises he made before the election. The coach and bus industry should be among those parties doing so.

What the PM actually delivers remains to be seen. But he’s made noise about buses. Now it’s time for him to come good on that.