Is your glass full or empty?


How would you describe life in the coach and bus industry? Are you a glass-half-full, or a glass-half-empty person? Or, like the person presented with this question at an interview, would you pick up the glass of water and drink it, saying: “I’m a problem solver”?

Overall, would you say it’s a great industry to work in?

Importantly, how would you describe the industry to a potential new recruit? Would it be a good career choice?

We hear much about squeezed margins, over-regulation, the difficulties of recruiting staff and low rates. Is it really true that our industry is such a negative place?

It is a long-term view that you take with investment in your business. Quick wins are not that easy and it needs a distinct confidence that the money you invest now will reap good rewards in the future.

So, considering future recruitment, what would you say if you were, for example, visiting a school or college? Why would you encourage someone to consider one of the many roles available? What training is available and what career path could you offer?

The most obvious one is vehicle engineering, especially as the government is supporting apprenticeships. But are the other roles in your company enjoyable, and what would you say to people considering joining coach and bus?

If you have some of the answers, please email me. Surely, it can’t be all bad?