Inmotion’s incentive to swap car for public transport

Meadowhall staff are being encouraged to swap their cars for public transport in the run-up to the festive season by Inmotion!.

Inmotion! are offering employees a free travel pass for 28 days, and thirty-five have so far taken advantage of the Inmotion! Give Up The Car For Christmas scheme.

The employees, who are all registered to use the official Meadowhall staff car park, received travel advice from Inmotion! advisors Nicola Bladen and Gail Parkes before being given the tickets which they can use on bus, tram or train.

“Using public transport can have a range of benefits for workers such as lowering stress levels and improving fitness,” said Nicola, who leads the Inmotion! travel advisors based at South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive.

“For example, we know the simple act of incorporating active travel on a bus or a tram can help people achieve the government’s 30-minute recommended level of daily activity.”

“So it’s fantastic that so many people who work at Meadowhall have signed up to take part in the Inmotion! scheme.”

Among those to sign up are Meadowhall centre director Darren Pearce and retail director Mark Bruce.

“As a business Meadowhall is committed to improving the general understanding of sustainable transport options”, said Darren.

“The Inmotion! Christmas scheme, set up to give those using the staff car park a 28-day travel pass to commute to and from the centre via public transport, is a great example of encouraging public transport use.”