Roselyn joins TBF partnership to help its employees

Cornwall-based Roselyn Coaches has become one of the latest employers to enter into partnership with the Transport Benevolent Fund (TBF), with the company contributing towards the cost of its staff taking up TBF membership.

Jonathan Ede, Director of Roselyn Coaches, says: “Being family owned for more than 70 years, Roselyn has always tried, where possible, to support each and every one of our employees.

Michael Gibson, TBF Organiser, with Jonathan Ede, Director, Roselyn Coaches

“We want to make sure all of our employees have as much support as they possibly can if they ever need it.

The cost of TBF membership remains just £1 per week, covering the member, their partner and dependent children, and brings eligibility for help in a wide range of situations if need, hardship or distress should arise.

Michael Gibson, TBF Organiser for South Wales and the South West, says: “TBF can offer that helping hand if life goes a little off balance.

“We are finding an increasing awareness amongst employers for the need to offer their work force something a little different in order to show just how much they value their staff.

“This, in turn, helps to reduce staff turnover for the employer and I am delighted to welcome Roselyn on board.

“With the support of employers such as Roselyn, TBF’s membership continues to increase, and has now reached a new record level at over 58,000.”