Bridgestone U-AP 002 launched as flagship urban bus tyre

Bridgestone has launched its U-AP 002 flagship urban bus tyre, which it says reduces noise, increases fuel efficiency and delivers a long life. The tyre is suitable for use with internal combustion engine, diesel-electric hybrid and zero-emission powertrains.

The U-AP 002 comes with a B-grade in rolling resistance, hence its contribution to reduced fuel consumption and emissions. Additionally, the supplier says that the new tyre is made from a rubber compound that improves wear life and wet grip.

Bridgestone adds that the tyre has a 9% longer life compared to its U-AP 001 predecessor. A further benefit over the U-AP 001 is a noise output that is reduced by 2dB.

Bridgestone produces the U-AP 002 in Europe. It is available now at size 275/70 R22.5. Three further sizes – 245/70 R19.5, 215/75 R17.5 and 315/60 R22.5 – will follow later this year. 265/70 R19.5 will be released in 2022. All 22.5in variants will be equipped with electronic tagging via RFID, which enables casings to be tracked throughout their life cycle.

The U-AP 002 has thick sidewall protection and it can serve multiple lives through re-treading. It also has a 200kg higher load capacity than its predecessor, which Bridgestone says is key to battery-electric applications, and it is suitable for use on 8,000kg steer axles.

Bridgestone adds that the tyre also has new drainage technology, giving excellent grip in wet conditions. It also has 3PMSF and M+S markings.

Says Bridgestone EMIA Vice President Commercial Replacement and OE Mark Tejedor: “Urban mobility is faced with various challenges, such as inner-city CO2 emissions and noise pollution – challenges that we are investing in to help address.

“Bus transport is an integral part of a city’s ecosystem and we are delighted to launch a tyre that helps to tackle these various issues at once. Increased mileage, reduced fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, noise and total cost of ownership – these are the features that benefit our customers, the environment and city life.”