Car scrap ‘mobility credits’ scheme proposed for Wales

Ministers in Wales are being asked to introduce a mobility credits scheme as part of their Clean Air Plan. 

The Urban Mobility Partnership, made up of the likes of Stagecoach, Enterprise, Bosch and Brompton Bike Hire, have lobbied members of the Welsh Assembly to allow older cars to be scrapped in exchange for credits to use on buses, trains and daily car and bike hire, to combat pollution.

It comes days after the Welsh Government declared a Climate Emergency.

The Urban Mobility Partnership aims to create an integrated, national, multi-modal transport policy that improves air quality and reduces congestion.

The ‘mobility as a service’ (MaaS) scheme would allow people to trade in their older, polluting cars for mobility credits in excess of the car’s value.

They could use the credits on trains, buses, car clubs and bike hire. The Urban Mobility Partnership envisages either an Oyster-style pre-paid card, or an app that doubles as a route planner, to deliver the scheme.

The Urban Mobility Partnership’s Ben Lawson says: “The partnership represents all modes of transport and we have a ready-built MaaS proposition that can be implemented almost immediately.

“This would be a concrete step that the Welsh Government could take as part of its Clean Air Plan to help drive modal shift which will lower congestion and improve air quality. We’re looking forward to discussing with ministers how we can help Wales make these proposals a reality.”

Deputy Minister for Economy and Transport Lee Waters AM heard the proposal at the Sustain Wales Summit.

Mari Arthur, Director of Cynnal Cymru, who chaired the meeting, says: “Wales has long led the way on sustainability. Now is a chance to create viable alternatives to private car ownership, and encourage people to scrap their older, polluting cars and get them into more efficient vehicles and modes of transport.

“We need radical solutions to change behaviour, tackle air pollution and climate change; mobility credits gives Wales an opportunity to once again lead the UK on sustainability actions.”