Centre door-only boarding extended by TfL


Transport for London (TfL) introduced centre door-only boarding across the capital’s bus network on Monday 20 April in a further response to the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis.

The move follows an earlier trial on routes from Abellio London’s Walworth garage. It means that no fares are being collected and.

Centre door-only boarding will, says TfL, will “further improve safety for bus drivers and other critical workers.”

TfL has also introduced other measures to help reduce the spread of coronavirus COVID-19 to drivers. Seats near to cabs have been cordened off and improvements have been made to anti-assault screens.

TfL is also exploring what can be done to create a “completely sealed partition” between drivers and passengers while allowing for both communication and ventilation. Cleaning measures have additionally been strengthened.

At least 20 bus workers in London have lost their lives to coronavirus COVID-19. Two drivers employed by First West of England have also died of the virus.