Competition sees Scottish Citylink enhance timetables

Scottish Citylink improves timetables

Increasing competition in Scotland’s scheduled coach market will see Scottish Citylink improve some timetables on 7 November. It includes the introduction of 24/7 provision on the operator’s route between Glasgow and Aberdeen via Dundee.

Scottish Citylink will also open hourly services between Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen as part of the overhaul, an improvement over the current roughly two-hourly schedule. As additional round trip between Glasgow and Inverness will also be introduced.

Improvements to timetables form part of the continued delivery of what Scottish Citylink says is a promise of “six cities every 60 minutes,” involving Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness and Perth on a Saltire Cross-branded network.

In addition, from 24 October a new service between Edinburgh and Oban will commence. The additional departures across the board “focus on delivering more direct journeys and less need for connections,” the operator says.

Operations Director Simone Smith adds: “This new timetable is about making life simpler and more convenient for our customers. We have worked hard to make sure that our passengers have even more opportunities to travel between our key cities, as well as surrounding towns.”

24/7 provision has operated on Scottish Citylink service 900 between Glasgow and Edinburgh since 2017. From 7 November, overnight journeys connecting those cities will charge daytime fares and no longer be numbered N900. The same timetable will also be observed daily from that date.

Improvements to Scottish Citylink services between Glasgow and Aberdeen follow FlixBus’s entry onto that axis in August with up to four round trips daily. Ember, which utilises Yutong TCe12 battery-electric coaches, joined the Glasgow to Dundee market on a 24/7 basis earlier in 2022, complementing its existing work between Edinburgh and Dundee.