Go-Ahead urges motorists to switch to the bus for Earth Day

Switching just one in every 25 car journeys to a bus journey would have the same effect of switching the entire UK bus fleet to zero-emission.

The operator is urging motorists to change their travel habits on Earth Day (22 April). It follows research from the Confederation of Passenger Transport and Greener Journeys which shows that by switching just two car journeys to a bus journey each month, it would result in a nationwide carbon dioxide saving of two million tones – or the equivalent of switching the entire UK bus fleet to zero-emission sources.

The savings would be in line with the UK government target for a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 68% by the end of the decade and the Climate Change Committee’s recommendation to shift from private cars to buses.

“Earth Day is a great time for us all to reflect on how we go about our daily lives and what we can do to reduce negative impact on the world,” says Commercial Director at Go North East Stephen King. “By switching to bus just twice a month, it would be a great start in collectively rebuilding our communities and it’d also help avoid a car-based recovery from the pandemic.”

According to the operator, private cars still account for 55% of greenhouse gas emissions from transport, while buses account for just 3% of emissions.

Switching to bus journeys would also help users lead healthier lives, with bus passengers typically adding 25 minutes of exercise onto their day at either end of the journey.