Higer Azure battery-electric bus set for UK market

Higer Azure battery electric single decker bus

Harris Group is to bring the Higer Azure battery-electric single-deck bus to the UK and Irish markets. The first has arrived at the dealership in Dublin and Harris claims that its 355kW/h of rapid-charging battery capacity will deliver a range of up to 467km.

Lithium-ion energy storage in the 12m Azure is supplied by CATL. It will be available with seating capacities from 30 in airport specification to 46 when configured as a commuter vehicle. Harris adds that the Azure’s lightweight nature means that it can carry up to 40 standing passengers.

As part of the Azure’s introduction in right-hand drive markets, the first recently travelled more than 250km non-stop from Dublin to Cork. The model is exclusive to Harris and the dealership says that it uses “intelligent technologies” to minimise energy consumption.

Adds Chief Operating Officer John McEvoy: “Our bus and coach division worked very closely with our partners at Higer Bus to develop the Azure to be a market leader in its class. That started by making the vehicle as light and agile as possible. Intelligent technologies and logic programming of the components and systems have helped to create a model that is capable of long-distance use and fast charging.”

Harris Group has already delivered several mid-sized Higer Steed battery-electric buses to customers in Ireland and the UK, including four to Brighton-based The Big Lemon. It says that more orders for delivery in Q1 2022 are in place and that addition of the Azure will expand its reach, including to “independent future-thinking operators that understand the requirements for their business and the environment we work and live in.”

Adds Mr McEvoy: “We believe that we have the ideal products to help support the sustainability agenda and we are looking forward to showcasing the Higer Azure and other electric vehicles in our range in the near future.”