Higer Steed battery-electric bus shown by importer Harris

Higer Steed at Harris Auto

Harris Auto has showcased the Higer Steed battery electric bus in right-hand drive form. The dealer says that the Steed represents an affordable way to achieve zero emissions thanks to what it describes as “significantly lower” pricing than comparable models.

A preview example was shown at the Harris premises in Dublin last week. It says the model will be ready to enter service in both the UK and Ireland in February 2020. Harris adds that the Higer Steed will also meet “a strong appetite” to start a move towards zero emissions.

A batch of 10 Steeds are currently in build and Harris does not rule out adding more. They will all have mobile defibrillators fitted as part of the supplier’s Life Coach programme.

The Steed has a maximum range of over 300km when driving style and weather are taken into account, says Harris Group CEO Denise Harris. It comes with DC charging infrastructure using a CCS2 connection. That will allow a full charge to be delivered in less than two hours.

A set-back single-leaf front door is complemented by a full-width opening in the centre, which is where the wheelchair ramp is located. The axles’ positioning at the extreme front and rear enhances access and the Steed comes with air-conditioning.

Adds Harris Auto General Manager Chris Haughton: “This vehicle answers every question in relation to drivetrain efficiency, operational capability and accessibility.

“The Steed will also be available at a price point that is significantly lower than equivalent EVs, enabling a total cost of ownership that is superior to that of a diesel bus.

“We would encourage enquiries from UK operators and dealers and invite interested parties to contact us directly to discuss the Steed.”

The Higer Steed complements Harris Auto’s range of coaches that extends from mini and midi models in the Crusader range to larger AOS Isuzu and Higer models.