Horseman on the chase for more Plaxton coaches

Horseman Coaches has returned to Plaxton for two new Panthers mounted on the Volvo B8R chassis. They will be followed by three Leopards before the end of the year.

Between them, the five coaches take Horseman’s fleet strength to 60. They also mark a continuation of the operator’s longstanding relationship with Plaxton, with around 40 vehicles from the manufacturer having joined Horseman’s fleet in recent years.

Addition of further new stock represents further evidence of a turnaround for the Reading operator. In 2008 it was served a compulsory purchase order on its then depot, which gave 42 days in which to relocate.

It did so successfully, and the progress since then has seen Horseman win multiple industry awards.

Says Director James Horseman: “It seems a lifetime ago, but it was a traumatic time for the whole family and our long-serving employees. Looking back, we were resolute in our determination not to go under. In many ways we are living proof that adversity is opportunity.”