Introducing DOT: Helping to streamline operations

Downloading tacho data has just got simpler with Road Tech’s latest development

In time for the introduction of smart tachographs on 15 June, Road Tech has released DOT (Download Otimisation Technology) – its new device that offers automatic remote live tachograph downloads.

The transport software solutions provider unveiled the latest development at a launch event held at its Shenley Hall, Hertfordshire base last Wednesday (17 April).

Attended by operators in the road transport sector and well-respected industry figures including Jonathan Backhouse of Backhouse Jones and former Senior Traffic Commissioner Beverley Bell, guests found out all about how DOT can “transform” the way tachograph compliance is managed. 

Why DOT?

While remotely downloading tachograph data is not a new concept, Road Tech believes that what sets DOT apart is its ability to integrate with other systems. 

Says Road Tech Director Adrian Barrett: “We noticed in the market that there’s lots of download technology, but we found that integration and making something that everyone can use in a way without having an initial capital output, was difficult.

“DOT allows us to fill, we believe, a gap in the market where remote downloads link with the tachograph system, the tracking system, links to a transport management system, which then can be linked to the walk-round and licence checking system.”

How it works

The DOT device is a small unit that can be fitted without complicated configuration or IT infrastructure.

It is available to operators using Road Tech’s Tachomaster or Falcon Tracking software and the device provides instant tachograph data directly to the Tachomaster dashboards.

There are a number of benefits, but most importantly for coach and bus operator, the device captures real-time driver data, which makes complying with drivers’ hours rules much simpler. As a driver gets close to their required break, an automatic alert gets sent to the depot. Similarly, alerts are sent if the driver’s hours are infringed.

Says Adrian: “With live notifications of drivers’ hours, rest periods and availability, operators can optimise driver utilisation and make the right decisions at vital times.”

DOT is also compatible with Generation 2 smart tachographs, which every vehicle registered after 15 June must be fitted with.

The price

As with all of Road Tech’s products, the price of DOT is completely transparent. There are no up-front costs and the price is £14.95 per vehicle per month, which is paid for on a month-to-month basis rather than on a long-term contract. 

Road Tech is so confident that DOT is easy to install that the device is sent out to operators with full installation instructions and all the cables required to be fitted. It also says that the device can be installed in most vehicles in under 10 minutes. However, if it is preferred, someone from the Road Tech team can come out to fit the device at a cost.

Alternatively, the operator’s fitter can come to Road Tech’s premises for training.

For an extra £5 per vehicle per month, operators can choose to add real-time tracking functionality with Road Tech’s Falcon Tracking software.