Please note: Optibus recently announced that the deadline has been extended to from 20 July to 30 July.

Transit agencies and operators across the world are eligible for a 3-month no-cost licence from AI transit planning platform Optibus as part of the company’s COVID-19 ‘Build Back Better’ recovery program.

The licence will give operators access to digital planning, scheduling and rostering products from the Optibus portfolio, aiming to help operators recover from the impact of the pandemic and adjust to changing passenger numbers which are set to boost as the UK removes physical distancing measures.

The licence allows transit agencies to create multiple scheduling scenarios; adjust routes and frequencies, traffic patterns, and constraints; build new routes or route variations that enable riders to travel for work, school, and leisure; reduce operating costs and optimise budgets with impacted farebox recovery; and move toward a zero-emission future with electric vehicle planning and scheduling tools that enable more efficient mixed fleets and the deployment of zero-emission vehicles.

“Just as we offered a no-cost license for COVID-19 contingency plans in 2020, we are now offering a no-cost, limited license to help agencies build back better and prepare for for post-COVID travel needs as we head out of the pandemic,” says Optibus CEO and co-founder Amos Haggiag.

To obtain a no-cost Build Back Better licence, register by July 30.