CrewPLAN drives down driver recruitment costs at Cardiff Bus

Nigel Tarrant, Cardiff Bus Commercial Director discusses CrewPLANCardiff Bus is controlling the cost of driver scheduling with the use of CrewPLAN, the system designed by software supplier Omnibus to automate production of efficient crew schedules.

Using a powerful algorithm to make crew scheduling more efficient, CrewPLAN allows users to explore “alternative scenarios” to discover what method works best, saving time and money.

It has enabled Cardiff Bus to be highly specific about the results it wants. That includes constraints such as the type and length of duty within set parameters, and an enhanced penalty feature to minimise undesirable events such as changeover during peak times.

“We weren’t getting the results we were looking for and driver agreements can be quite complex which can make scheduling particularly challenging,” says Commercial Manager for Cardiff Bus Nigel Tarrant (pictured). “With the powerful new capability developed in the latest version of CrewPLAN, this now gives us the flexibility and ease to play around with different scheduling scenarios and get the results we want very quickly and save on costs.

“We have really been able to explore its capabilities, and the multi-run feature in particular is excellent at maximising the efficiency of duties and paid hours. The speed we receive results in is more efficient and certainly saves the scheduling team a vast amount of time.”

Driver costs can represent about 41% of operational costs according to Omnibus, so taking control of scheduling is essential for a profitable business.

Peter Crichton, Managing Director at Omnibus, says: “Our software solutions are built from the ground up with a real deep understanding of the issues facing schedulers and the complexities in planning and managing resources in public transport.

“We continually listen to our customers and develop scheduling solutions which improve operational efficiency and profitability, as well as driver compliance remaining front and centre.”