Quantron zero-emission bus platform set for UK in 2022

Quantron zero emission bus set for the UK

German e-mobility specialist Quantron has confirmed that it plans to offer its zero-emission 12m single-deck bus in the UK market, starting in 2022. The platform will be available with both battery-electric and hydrogen fuel cell-electric power.

Quantron says that in battery-electric form, the model will have a “similar” pricing point to a comparable diesel bus. The bus will be offered in close co-operation with Quantron investor and strategic partner EvDynamics, which specialises in zero-emission mobility.

Batteries will be from CATL and the hydrogen fuel cells from Ballard. EvDynamics CEO Miguel Valldecabres Polop says that the driveline technology to be employed by Quantron in the bus platform has already been used successfully in “several thousand” vehicles that are in service in Asia.

Battery-electric examples will have a claimed range of up to 280km thanks to a battery capacity of up to 422kW/h, although 242, 281 and 363 kW/h of storage will also be available. Charging will be by DC at up to 80kW, delivered via a CCS2 socket, with a replenishment time of between three and six hours. A 250kW motor will be used and the GVW will be 19,500kg.

Specifications released by Quantron show that the battery-electric bus will have a capacity of between 71 and 95 passengers. It adds that equipment for driver and passenger comfort, as well as the interior and exterior design, will be available in a wide range of specifications and style “to meet individual customer requirements.”

In addition to the UK, the Quantron platform will be offered in other right-hand drive markets, a spokesperson has confirmed.