Reading Buses’ Sharmila Perera awarded for CBSSG efforts

Reading Buses Managing Accountant Sharmila Perera has been named as a Star of the Month at Reading Buses for her ‘pivotal’ role in keeping the business safe through the pandemic.

Sharmila was recognised for her work ethic and insight while managing COVID-19 Bus Service Support Grant reconciliation submissions over the past 18 months, allowing the business to secure funding during the height of the pandemic.

According to Human Resources Director Caroline Anscombe, Sharmila created a system which took manual work out of the process of submitting information for the funding which freed up resource elsewhere, allowing the business to “focus on reviewing the numbers and ensuring the submissions were justifiable and robust”.

Says Caroline: “Where questions have been posed, Sharmila has been able to answer the questions quickly and follow up with supporting evidence and documentation leading to all questions being fully closed out and resolved.

“Sharmila was nominated by our Finance Director Laurence Jenkins and this award is a true testament to her hard work, not only over the last 18 months, but during her whole time at Reading Buses”.