RHA campaign calls on ministers to help with rising fuel costs


Trade organisation RHA is calling for an “essential user rebate” on fuel for commercial vehicle operators to the value of 15p per litre after energy prices spiked in recent weeks.

It says thousands of coach operator members and hauliers have written to Members of Parliament for urgent action on fuel prices ahead of the March Budget and is urging more to press government for support using a template email it has provided.

It comes as Brent crude moved towards an all-time high, with prices at time of writing reaching around $130 per barrel.

“We believe this could mean that the cost of prices at the pump may potentially hit £1.75 per litre – or even £1.78 per litre within a fortnight, if not sooner, without a significant change in direction resulting from the current global news situation,” an RHA spokesperson says.

In response, RHA is lobbying government to keep consumer prices under control through the 15p rebate which mirrors the approach taken by Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Hungary and Ireland. It is also urging the Treasury to delay the planned removal of rebates for red diesel on 1 April by 12 months, a move which it says could see operating costs for some businesses increase by 17%.

“We are in contact with Treasury officials to ensure the impact of these rising cost pressures is heard at the highest levels and we have held meetings with several MPs to highlight the effect of costs including the Parliamentary Private Secretary to HM Treasury, Craig Williams MP, and the Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, Nigel Evans MP,” the organisation says.