Southern Vectis donates coach to Zambian training school

Southern Vectis Transaid
A coach operated by Go-Ahead owned Southern Vectis set off on a journey to Zambia this week, after the operator donated it to a training school in support of international transport charity Transaid.
The coach will eventually replace a 30-year-old training vehicle used by the government-backed Industrial Training Centre (ITC) in Lusaka, Zambia.
The school provides training on road transport and focuses on coaches, buses and HGVs, and the Southern Vectis coach will provide driver training and mechanical maintenance skills to students.
Transaid supports the centre to deliver its curriculum by donating skills, funding, and equipment.
“We are donating a coach to replace an obsolete vehicle that is over 30 years old, and will ensure the ITC can continue its courses, to make coach driving and maintenance safer,” says Southern Vectis managing director, Andrew Wickham. “Without it, as the current vehicle gets older and less reliable, there would be a real chance that training activities couldn’t take place. 
Coaches in particular are an important form of transport in Zambia – and there is an extensive network of routes linking some very isolated communities. However, the high level of road traffic accidents are a concern and there is much to be done in terms of infrastructure and education to put that right. 
“At Southern Vectis, we are pleased to provide convenient, comfortable and comprehensive bus services to people living on and visiting the Isle of Wight. And now, we are proud to be playing a role in ensuring those living in Zambia have the opportunity to access safer transport for years to come.”
Transaid works with partners and governments worldwide to tackle transport challenges in developing countries.