Stagecoach progresses coronavirus initiatives – praises ‘heroes behind the wheel’

Stagecoach has praised its employees across the UK and outlined measures it is taking to support key sector workers during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

Stagecoach has introduced dedicated shuttles and demand responsive transport for healthcare workers, as well as support for local communities, supply chains and distribution networks.

Stagecoah supports the NHS

In London, Stagecoach is working with Transport for London (TfL) to run dedicated shuttles for NHS staff working at the new Nightingale emergency hospital. NHS-only shuttles are also being provided in the East Midlands.

In Aberdeen and the surrounding area, the NHS megarider ticket continues to offer discounts to NHS workers. Free travel is available for NHS staff in the Inverness area while extra buses and shared ticketing are being provided in Glasgow in partnership with McGill’s.

Stagecoach NHS nightingale service
Stagecoach is working with TfL to run dedicated shuttles for NHS staff working at the Nightingale emergency hospital

The Welsh Government has supported free travel to NHS workers and Stagecoach is serving eight hospitals across the region. Free travel is also being extended to NHS workers elsewhere in England.

Extra support for healthcare organisations include demand responsive buses kept on standby to support patient transport services, and Stagecoach’s West Ham Garage in London being used by the London Ambulance Service to commission ambulances with the support of the AA.

Extra support

Stagecoach is increasing capacity on many routes and providing extra services to distribution centres, production facilities and business parks.

Timetables have been revised to cater to a reduced demand in travel and support key worker journeys. Stagecoach has encouraged feedback on specific changes it would like to see, and as a result has increased journeys and added extra timetables across Scotland.

Stagecoach staff helping
Stagecoach has encouraged feedback on specific changes it would like to see

Meanwhile, discussions continue on how the operator’s buses might provide food deliveries and other essential public services.

Stagecoach Chief Executive Martin Griffiths says: “I’m extremely proud of all the great work that our teams are doing to keep the country moving, including getting our vital healthcare workers to hospitals.

“We are trying to play our part through special initiatives in partnership with local authorities and the NHS to support key workers, the supply chain, distribution networks and other vital services.”