Stagecoach mulls brand change

Stagecoach UK Bus is working on a project to overhaul its brand and livery.

The current ‘beach ball’ brand is now 17 years old

A number of designs are being contemplated, routeONE understands, some of which are described as ‘quite radical’.

The current ‘beach ball’ logo brand and livery is now 17 years old. After an initial livery by another agency was rejected, Stagecoach engaged Ray Stenning of Best Impressions and it was launched in 2000. It continued the same red, orange, blue and white theme used on the previous ‘stripes’ livery.

It is understood that UK Bus wants to pull back on the number of regional and unique liveries now carried by its vehicles, and a groupwide audit of which vehicles carry which liveries is underway.

Says Stagecoach Spokeswoman Lindsay Reid: “Like many companies we continue to look at our brand and how we engage with our customers and staff. Just to be clear, there's nothing at this stage that has come out of anything we've looked at which indicates that we are going to have a new livery or brand.”

’Stripes’ livery was replaced in 2000