Ticketer endorsed by DfT after helping operators meet BODS requirements

Ticketer has been officially endorsed by the Department for Transport (DfT) after helping over 50 operators meet Bus Open Data Service (BODS) requirements.

BODS requires English operators to share data on timetables, vehicle locations and fares from 2021 in order to simplify ticket purchasing for passengers nationwide.

Ticketer has worked closely with the DfT and its partners to help the industry fulfil those requirements, providing feedback and suggesting improvements. It has been chosen by DfT to support the early engagement programme and has successfully helped 50 early adopter operators integrate data into the BODS system.

Graham Smith, Commercial Manager at Lynx, says: “Ticketer has taken a lot of potentially time consuming and onerous work out for operators. We simply have to provide a URL link for all three elements (timetable, automatic vehicle location and fares data) which can easily be uploaded to the DfT BODS portal. It’s been an absolute pleasure in working with the extremely competent and proactive Ticketer team.”

Ticketer CEO John Clarfelt adds: “We are 100% supportive of making data more accessible to passengers – we think it is key to getting more passengers on bus.

“Our cloud-based solution already hosts location, timetable and fares data for hundreds of operators, large and small, so it made absolute sense for us to invest significant time and development, and to work closely with the DfT, to support the process.

“Simplicity is key to this. Our focus has been on removing any potential complexities, and making it as stress-free and as seamless and simple as possible for all our operators. And to continue to do so as BODS requirements evolve in the future.”