Tourismo PSVAR conversion work by EVM proceeding at pace

EVM PSVAR conversion of a Mercedes Benz Tourismo

PSVAR conversion work by EVM on Mercedes-Benz Tourismo coaches is proceeding at pace and steps to increase throughput at its dedicated workshop are being examined, the supplier says. EVM has completed the work on 16 Tourismos and it reports that its order book “is filling up until the end of the year.”

Director Danny McGee says that an increase in the size of the Horsham facility is planned, while investment in parts and tooling should allow the number of hours that go into each conversion to be reduced from the present 200. Headcount growth is also on the cards. The team is made up of eight staff, but Mr McGee says that will increase over coming months.

Currently EVM aims to complete two PSVAR conversions per week. It recently finished work on the second current-generation Tourismo to pass through the facility. The supplier has no concrete plans yet to extend the process to other coach models although it does not rule that out in the long term.

“EVM wants to be a specialist in one model, as we are with minicoaches and minibuses on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter,” says Mr McGee. “We have been happy to invest at the beginning to deliver a good product on the Tourismo, but if there is demand for other models it may be a possibility in the future.”

Mercedes Benz Tourismo PSVAR conversion by EVM
EVM recently completed the conversion of its second new-generation Mercedes-Benz Tourismo to achieve PSVAR compliance

Little has changed from EVM’s original design concept, he adds. “We are planning to redesign and bulk produce brackets to allow us to mount the side Hanover display at the top or bottom of the window.

“We are also working on a design for ABS thermoform plastic covers for the inside of the [additional] door and for the Hanover displays to give the modification more of an OEM finish.” Work is also being done on having the electrical looms drawn up and produced externally.

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