EVM commences Tourismo PSVAR conversion work in UK

Mercedes Tourismo PSVAR conversions by EVM

EVM has established a facility in Horsham to carry out PSVAR conversion on the Mercedes-Benz Tourismo. It complements a production line for the same work at EVM’s premises in Ireland and follows development that allows the delivery of what the supplier calls a “non-invasive transformation” that does not compromise structural strength.

It was confirmed in November 2020 that EVM would carry out PSVAR conversions on the Tourismo. Since then, EVM has worked to finalise the product offering. It is available on both the current model coach and the previous generation that was superseded in 2017.

EVM says that compliance with UN-ECE Regulation 66 remains unchanged for converted coaches and that the overall installation complies with Regulation 107. It has given six members of staff factory training on the conversion process.

Tourismo PSVAR work ‘not just about cutting a hole’

EVM acknowledges that the development work has taken longer than it first hoped, but Managing Director Danny McGee says that the overall conversion process “is not just about cutting a hole in the side of a coach and fitting a lift and a door.”

EVM has also has a product liability insurance policy of £10m “should the worst ever happen and something goes wrong with the conversion that causes injury or fatality,” adds Mr McGee.

Tourismos of both generations from various operators are already undergoing conversion work. EVM says it is “really pleased” with the feedback received from the owners of the first coaches so treated.

PSVAR conversion by EVM on Mercedes Tourismo
EVM’s PSVAR conversion work on the Mercedes-Benz Tourismo is already underway for a number of operators, including Banstead Coaches

The frame for the additional door is made of high-strength carbon steel that is welded to the OEM structure, which EVM says does not compromise the strength of the original coach’s structure.

The door is made of “light and strong” alloy steel with stainless hinges and the mechanism has twin safety locks.

It can only be opened from the outside and is connected to the coach’s central locking system.

OEM-standard window tint levels developed

A PLS Mega Lift is fitted in the luggage area with a ‘letterbox’ within the bay door to allow the lift to extend. In the passenger cabin, two pairs of seats are mounted on quick release fittings and recessed tracking. The tracking is supported beneath the floor by an additional structure that has been tested in compliance with pull test requirements.

EVM adds that it has “invested heavily” to develop three levels of window tint that match those offered by the vehicle OEM. It also reconfigures the heating arrangement around the additional door and fits Hanover destination displays as part of the work and PSVAR certification is handled by EVM.

Contact Guy Billings (south) or Matt Thompson (north) for more information.