Warrington’s Own Buses sees benefits from Ticketer ETMs

Warrington’s Own Buses has adopted Ticketer ETMs that deliver contactless payments and mobile ticketing among a raft of other benefits to the operator, its passengers and its staff. The 90 machines were rolled out rapidly by Ticketer, which worked “around the clock” to provide them.

Ticketer’s Schedule Adherence feature is part of the package for Warrington’s Own Buses. It prevents early departures and helps drivers to stick to the timetable, subject to traffic.

Further operational benefits will come via the supplier’s Vehicle Checklist function. It gives real-time electronic visibility of reported vehicle defects, eliminating the need for lengthy admin using paper checklists.

The Ticketer ETMs for Warrington’s Own Buses additionally have passenger counting capability. That allows drivers to manage customer numbers against thresholds set by the operator. It also gives passengers confidence to travel, particularly when combined with touch-free payment options, says Ticketer.

Chief Executive John Clarfelt adds that the company has seen a “significant rise” in operators moving towards a completely touch-free experience for their customers over recent months.

“Warrington’s Own Buses is no exception. Protecting driver and passenger safety has been a priority for it, and we have enjoyed working with its team to ensure a swift, smooth transition to our Ticketer ETMs,” says Mr Clarfelt.