The Wish you could Hear postcard campaign that aims to highlight the plight of the coach industry to elected representatives has succeeded in engaging with Morley and Outwood MP Andrea Jenkyns.

Ms Jenkyns visited the offices of specialist coach and bus insurance broker McCarron Coates, which devised the campaign. She was briefed by Directors Ian McCarron and Paul Coates. Also present was Paul Lynn of operator J&B Travel, which is based in nearby Stanningley. Mr Lynn brought along one of J&B Travel’s coaches.

McCarron Coates says that Ms Jenkyns was “particularly concerned” to hear that operators have continued to be charged interest on vehicle finance agreements, despite coaches not having been used since March in many cases.

To push the Wish you could Hear campaign, a photo opportunity was staged with Ms Jenkyns. McCarron Coates continues to offer the postcard in either hard copy or electronic format for operators to send to MPs and influencers.

Says Mr Coates: “We thank Andrea Jenkyns for meeting with us to hear the very real issues that coach operators have. She was shocked to hear of the interest payment situation. We hope that this may result in some pressure to investigate why those operators should have to pay interest.”

Mr McCarron has encouraged operators to continue to send the Wish you could Hear postcards to their MPs. “We have seen comments on social media to suggest that some have not responded. We hope such MPs will now follow Andrea Jenkyns’ lead and listen to feedback.”

Joining the meeting with Ms Jenkyns virtually were Anthony’s Travel Managing Partner Richard Bamber, Masons Minibus and Coach Hire Business Development Manager Candice Mason and North East Coach Hire Managing Director Jenna Rush. They are part of the group behind the Backstop survey. It aims to create comprehensive data on the number of passengers that rely on coaches.

To obtain both hard copies or electronic versions of the Wish you could Hear postcard, email McCarron Coates or call 0113 298 3489.