Electric coach reveal: Yutong TCe12 at Coach & Bus UK

There are high hopes for the first electric coach product on the UK coach market

routeone tested the first electric coach in the UK, the Yutong TCe12, in early August. Now Pelican Yutong has officially unveiled the TCe12 and is taking the opportunity to spread the benefits of electric to operators.

The TCe12 was on display alongside the TC9 and the GT12 touring coach. It was in the livery of Westway Coach Services, the first buyer of the vehicle in the UK.

Centred on the rear mounted Yutong YTM280-CV9-H electric drive motor and driveline that is identical to those used in Yutong electric buses, the technology is well-proven. A lithium iron phosphate battery with 281kW/h capacity can be charged by either 60kW/h or 120kW/h DC charger, with a full charge possible in less than two hours. CATL is the battery supplier, which also supplies Apple and BMW.

During the road test, routeone determined a range of 200 miles. Pelican says regenerative braking and considerate driving can extend range depending on the route.

Pelican has never advertised the vehicle as a long-distance tourer, nor a direct replacement for diesel. Instead, the zero-emission TCe12 is catering to a specific market, for customers prepared to pay a premium price for electric.

“It’s a vehicle for a particular type of client prepared to pay more for electric,” says Richard Crump, MD at Pelican Bus and Coach. “You can’t justify the purchase on the grounds of productivity. You have to justify this with a premium price you can charge the customer.”

As the air quality debate continues and Low Emission Zones are rolled out among cities, Pelican says it is well placed in the market with its range of electric vehicles.

Sales Manager Bob Elliott and Richard Crump, MD Pelican Bus and Coach

“We’ve never had any major problems with any of the vehicles we’ve introduced,” adds Mr Crump. “It’s as Yutong itself says – they are tested on the track, not on the customer.”