No school contracts promise wins licence

TC agrees to restricted O-Licence for man who wants to ‘generate a bit more money for him and his family’

Lancashire-based Mohammad Khurram Younas succeeded in his bid for a new two-vehicle restricted O-Licence after agreeing to undertakings not to seek any school contract work and to attend a Drivers’ Hours and Tachographs training course.

Mr Younas, of Nelson, was granted the licence by Traffic Commissioner (TC) Simon Evans at a Golborne Public Inquiry (PI).

At the outset of the hearing the TC said that a particular issue was whether or not Mr Younas met the main occupation rule as in his application he had said that he was a trainee car valeter.

Mr Younas explained that that had been a temporary job with a friend while between jobs. He was now employed full-time by Virgin Media. He said that the application for the restricted O-Licence was a sideline to generate a bit more money for him and his family.

He had thought about it for a few years as a number of friends were PSV drivers. He did not intend to drive himself. He was going to register with a brokerage.

They seemed quite busy so he thought work would come his way. If he got direct work he would do so, taking religious parties, stag parties, going to the races and airport runs.

He estimated the income would be £300 to £500 per week per vehicle. The payment to the drivers would depend on how busy the work was, paying either by job or by day, say £14 per hour.

After the TC had said that a lot of people were attracted to this type of PSV operation because of what could be earned from school contacts, Mr Younas said that he would not be operating school contracts. He was not interested in that kind of work.