Falcon Coaches goes with Volvo and Sunsundegui

Single-deck stipulation on school contract sees new 72-seaters join South Mimms-based operator

Two Volvo B8R Sunsundegui SB3s join Falcon for home-to-school work

Falcon Coaches of South Mimms took delivery of two Volvo B8Rs with high-capacity Sunsundegui SB3 bodywork earlier this month.

The 72-seaters are for a home-to-school contract that stipulates the use of single-deck vehicles.

They represent a continued push towards ULEZ compliance for the 12-coach operator, which has also purchased three SC7-bodied Euro 6 B11Rs since 2015.

“We do a lot of work into London and if we can continue upgrading our fleet to Euro 6 that will make things easier in coming years,” says Director Darren Nash, who favours the purchase of new coaches to satisfy ULEZ requirements rather than the retrofit of older vehicles.

Although the SB3s are for contract use, Mr Nash adds that there is potential to find them additional work between school peaks. In particular, Sunsundegui’s decision to fit a standard-size pair of seats at the front nearside to suit teachers is a positive, he says.

“I have always liked Volvo products and the Sunsundegui range looks good. Image is an important thing for coach operators.”

The simplicity of the SB3 is one of the things that attracted Falcon Coaches. One of its pair includes the optional deletion of luggage racks and Mr Nash says that the ‘simple is best’ mantra of the model suits school operations well.

“Driver feedback has so far been good and I particularly like the dash area and the mirror arrangement, which is excellent. The driving position is also good.”