Drivers considered second again: Facilities at Heathrow Airport

I visited Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 on Sunday, 23 February, and as I always do, visited the coach park to book in and pay the £29 fee.

As my flight was late, I decided to use the drivers’ facilities after making my payment. It must be said what an utter disgrace they are.

The microwave on offer for drivers needed an immediate prohibition, as did half the seats, owing to the state they were in.

I then proceeded to the toilet where I had to sit on a broken seat. That proved to be quite the nippy experience, to say the least.

I felt the need to give my hands an extra thorough wash after that ordeal, but of course there was no soap to wash them with.

On leaving I was met by a sign saying, ‘please leave these toilets as you found them’. Maybe I should have taken it down – then somebody might have cleaned them.

Now I know why all the vehicles in the coach park had drivers sitting in them. It’s cleaner and healthier than using the drivers’ area.