The Confederation of Passenger Transport has launched CPT Training, a flexible new compliance solution delivered by Lloyd Morgan Group

On 31 March the Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT) and Lloyd Morgan Group (LMG) launched CPT Training at Trentbarton’s head office in Heanor, Derbyshire. CPT Training is the newest proposition to develop skills and support compliance within the industry.

Courses available will include Transport Manager (TM) Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) and CPC refresher courses, Vehicle Inspector training and Driver CPC periodic training.

Pandemic project

The project has been undertaken over some 18 months from concept to delivery. Jeff Counsell, the East Midlands Regional Chair for CPT in addition to Managing Director of Trentbarton, was instrumental in putting the new training programme together alongside former CPT President Steve Whiteway, CPT Operations Director Keith McNally and CPT Transition Manager Peter Gomersall.

According to CPT CEO Graham Vidler, early in the pandemic CPT’s Board had asked the trade body to look into a better training solution for members. “We want to make sure that all of our members are compliant, but more than that, we want to make sure our members are excellent and continually improving their operations and continually doing better for their passengers,” he says.

Jeff was keen to add to this above and beyond mentality as a distinction of CPT’s training offer. “There’s training that we have to do to be compliant, which is well and good, and everyone has to do it – but training means much more than that,” he says. “As far as we’re concerned at Trentbarton we need to be much more than compliant. We need to develop our staff, engage our staff, and make them the best that they can be, and in turn that will rub off onto our teams – and that polishes off what is already a good organisation.”

It is a project that CPT has been “delighted to get [its] teeth into”, according to Graham. The training courses are to be delivered by CPT’s training partner of 12 years, LMG, which has also been a longstanding compliance partner for Trentbarton. Trentbarton has used the Group for engineering audits, PMI training, CPC training and a range of other offerings such as IRTEC training. “For me personally, this is an excellent fit,” Jeff says. “I think that [Lloyd Morgan Group’s] geographic spread, enthusiasm and expertise, and desire to mould that into a deliverable solution for members of the industry is good and I’m looking forward to seeing that grow.”

In particular, the comprehensive offering from LMG has “shone through” in the proposition. This is clearly something which has the ambition of becoming a one-stop shop for CPT members to improve operations from every aspect. “Now we’ve got a proposition that’s live, looking really compelling, available for members to book, and our members will benefit from that comprehensive range of solutions whether they’re a manager, driver or engineer,” adds Graham.

Flexible training

Training is delivered flexibly, ensuring operators can find the right course for their individual needs. LMG is able to provide classroom and face-to-face training, online training, and training delivered on site. In the last year it has even introduced an e-commerce platform where training can be booked online. Some courses, of course, will not be suitable for online, but there is a growing popularity for such flexible delivery as operators struggle to find extended time away from work.

Brand and Project Manager at LMG Sam Law is keen to emphasise that LMG works with customers on their individual requirements to develop bespoke training. “To be able to offer this first-class training, we’re affiliated with all the major industry awarding bodies and we are regularly audited to ensure that we continue to deliver high standards,” she says. “All our trainers have years of practical experience in the coach and bus industry and they are fully qualified.

“They also understand about different learning styles and are able to adapt this approach to ensure our candidates come out with the best learning possibilities. One of the many reasons why we were selected by CPT is our high level of customer service, something that as an organisation we’re really proud of.”

CPT members even enjoy a 10% discount on training costs. That’s an offer that neither CPT or LMG intends to sit still – such offers will continually be revised over the years, particularly as LMG looks at how electric vehicle training will grow in future, given that it believes electric vehicle training will eventually become part of O-Licence refresher courses and Driver CPC.

Compliance is key

To reaffirm the focus on compliance, Traffic Commissioner for the North West of England Gerallt Evans was present to welcome the launch of the training on behalf of the Office of the Traffic Commissioners (OTC). “We view continuing professional development by operators, TMs, drivers and others that contribute to the industry as an important part of compliance,” he says. “And we value the efforts of diverse organisations that provide high-quality accredited training services to the industry.

“The thing I have learned from my experience is that firstly it is important that training is not seen as some chore to be completed – that it is not simply some ‘tick box exercise’. It has to be relevant; it has to be focused on the individual and the organisations training needs. It has to be of high quality, continuous and up to date. It also needs to be enjoyable.”

And while OTC cannot be seen to endorse any one training provider, it recognises how essential it is for these types of developments to strengthen the choice of training available to the industry and drive up standards into the future.