Missing your bus? Ipswich Buses takes one lucky fan for a ride

What happens when coronavirus COVID-19 takes away your favourite mode of transport?

One bus lover, Alasdair Messenger, was faced with that very reality when his routine trip to Ipswich town centre was forbidden following the ban on non-essential travel. However, as lockdown measures eased, his luck soon changed.

Following a call from his carer Kim Dare, Ipswich Buses responded by taking the pair on a special bus ride, which included a tour of the town, workshop, and a trip through the bus wash.

Ipswich Buses General Manager Stephen Bryce said: “It was truly an emotional experience, seeing the joy and amazement the trip gave Alasdair, and I’m so grateful to our fabulous team who helped make this young man and his carer’s day.”

Alasdair, who requires 24-hour care, suffers from various health conditions and was left particularly vulnerable to the virus. According to Kim, he had not been on a bus ride for over 12 weeks.