Giti’s year-round tyre suits the small PCV market

Giti Tire has launched the GT Radial Maxmiler AllSeason, a year-round tyre that suits the minicoach and minibus sector.

Carrying the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) symbol, it is compatible with 15-16in rims and with section widths from 195-235 and series sizes from 65-75.

The tyre has an all-season compound that adapts to hot and cold conditions, reinforced steel belts to maintain structure, stiff shoulder blocks and a non-directional tread pattern to minimise aquaplaning and braking distances.

Says Giti Tire Country Manager UK Brian McDermott: “The GT Radial Maxmiler name has become synonymous with trust, reliability, safety, durability and mileage, especially in heavy-duty applications.

“The AllSeason has been developed to delivery all of these attributes in one casing, providing year-round usage that allows operators to continue without interruption, regardless of weather conditions.

“With this latest tyre, the Maxmiler portfolio will continue to be a leading point of reference in several markets.”

Other products in the same range include the GT Radial Maxmiler Pro and a winter tyre, the GT Radial Maxmiler WT2Cargo.