‘CCTV saves lives and cuts insurance costs’

Brigade’s Backeye 360° CCTV system provides drivers with a bird’s eye view of their vehicle, allowing better vision than is normally available from the cab.

Live images are streamed directly to the driver through four ultra wide-angle cameras, covering the front, rear, and each full side of the vehicle.

The device can incorporate warning alarms which sound an alert should a person or vehicle move into a blind spot, or if the driver gets too close to an object while manoeuvring at low speeds.

Backeye 360° is compatible with Brigade’s mobile digital recording systems, which record activity happening around the vehicle. In the event of an incident the captured footage can be used as evidence and helps protect drivers should conflicting reports arise.

Brigade estimates that fitting cameras is worth five times the investment over a five-year lifecycle through lower insurance premiums. “These types of camera safety systems enable drivers to prevent accidents. As fewer accidents mean fewer claims, the installation of safety equipment on fleets can reduce insurance premiums,” the company says. “this technology is an opportunity to reduce risk and lower costs for the whole industry.”

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