Yutong TC9 PSVAR

Yutong supplier Pelican Bus and Coach has announced that it can offer a PSVAR compliant version of the TC9 midicoach.

Conversion of the first example is currently being completed and it is scheduled for delivery to the customer, Sanders Coaches of Holt, soon.

Preparatory work, including fitment of the additional door and a ‘letterbox’ in a luggage bay door, has been undertaken by Yutong in China, but the conversion was completed after the coach arrived in the UK. That includes fitment of the Hidrel Gobel lift and front, side and rear displays.

“We have supplied accessible TC9s previously, but the coach for Sanders is the first to full PSVAR specification,” says Pelican Sales Manager Bob Elliott.

“Now that there is a real need for PSVAR compliance across the coach market, we felt it was the right time to introduce a version of the TC9 that meets that need.”

Pelican has five more TC9s in stock that have received the same preparatory work in China. It will upgrade those to either full PSVAR specification or a simpler accessible layout depending on customer requirements.

Later this year the extent of preparation work undertaken in China will increase, meaning that only the lift will need to be installed in the UK.

Additionally, Pelican can retrofit existing non-accessible Yutong TC9 models to achieve PSVAR compliance by using a kit of parts. It have the work carried out and obtain a PSVAR certificate when it is complete.