Heavy-duty vehicle brake testers from Kismet Garage Equipment

Kismet Garage Equipment, based in Birkenhead, is a distributor for the Vehicle Testing Equipment (VTEQ) range of brake testers.

Kismet also supplies a full range of new and used workshop equipment from other manufacturers.

Of particular interest to coach and bus operators should be the VTEQ5000 brake tester.

The heavy-duty tester has a 13-tonne axle capacity and requires only a shallow floor excavation while offering all the features required for commercial brake testing.

Managing Director Phil Stockford says that many operators have been put off by having to provide a recess of almost a metre to take a commercial brake tester, but at only 29cm it is a cost-effective alternative.

The PC based equipment is bi-directional and comes complete with wireless router, 10in tablet, A4 printer and Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) database facility.

The unit is priced at £21,000 plus vat, delivered and installed onto a prepared site and comes with a three-year warranty.

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