Lytx: Video and data insights to reduce risk and protect drivers


Lytx helps operators put safety at the heart of their organisations.

Lytx’s flagship solution is DriveCam, a comprehensive safety programme that helps dramatically reduce unsafe driving behaviours with data-backed coaching insights and video that provide an objective view into driving behaviour.

DriveCam features in-cab event recorders, with both forward- and driver-facing lenses, that capture video clips when triggered by events such as sudden swerves.

Lytx’s Driving Risk Analysts analyse video and telematics data then provide operators and managers with information on how to improve performance and mitigate risk on the road. 

DriveCam can also help safeguard an organisation’s reputation, offering the ability to exonerate drivers in the case of false claims and serve as a silent witness in cases of “cause-unknown” vehicle damage.

Protecting more than 3,000 fleets worldwide, DriveCam is associated with a reduction in collisions and collision-related costs by up to 80%.