New look for Lothian drivers


Lothian has redesigned its uniform for its 1,900 drivers, the first revision in 20 years. The bespoke maroon-based design is from Coventry-based Murray Uniforms.

Hard-wearing and designed with comfort in mind, the shirt, tie and trousers have been given a modern twist, and the skirt style is all new.

The uniform also includes an all-weather, full waterproof and windproof jacket, as well as new-style blazers which have been designed to allow greater movement when behind the wheel.

It follows an 18-month project which included feedback from its operational team.

Sarah Boyd, Operations Director, Lothian says: “We view ourselves as a retail organisation and strive to ensure our customers’ expectations are not only met, but exceeded.”

Ken Denny, Client Relationship Manager, Murray Uniforms added: “Our approach to designing a modern and fresh new uniform for Lothian has been a process of collaboration between both businesses to engineer a uniform that best reflects the Lothian brand whilst being fit for purpose.

“We know that what a person wears to work impacts how they feel and, as a result, how productive they are. 

“Lothian selected Murray Uniforms to develop a solution that improved their driver experience.

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Ian Buck, Karen Peat and Mihaly Fekete 

“The uniform design, development and manufacture over 18 months resulted in an improved quality, better fitting uniform that not only represented Lothian, but also the region in which they operate – including a handy ticket pocket to make the day to day operations that little bit easier.” 

The new look was unveiled to staff and their families in a Catwalk show within the company’s Longstone Garage.

All 25 models were drivers from across the operational team, who had all volunteered to take part in the show. The new uniform will be rolled out from August.

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Sarah Burgeon, Nathan Warikandwa, Matt Motion and Jamie  Hunter